Shelter Campaign

Faith was found in a ditch, left for dead, in Palm Bay, FL and was picked up by Brevard County Animal Services. It was unknown why she wasn’t able to walk or use her back legs.

Save Race Horses
End Euthanization of Racing Horses

Over 100,000 horses - pet, race, carriage, show and wild horses are being slaughtered for meat everyday.

Bedding Campaign
Blankets, Towels & Sheet Donations

We want to make animals in a shelter environment as comfortable as possible but funds are spread too thin...How can you help?

Treat Campaign
Shelter Donations: Toys & Treats

Shelters and rescues rely on donated toys and treats for homeless animals. Shelter funds go to medical care first so treats and toys are often not in the budget.

Shelter Campaign
Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Shelters rely heavily on volunteers and donations. Animals everywhere need help.